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Urban Pooch Fitness

What is UP Fitness?

UP Fitness is an exciting new class that focuses on confidence building, flexibility, balance, cardio & strength. This program is recommended for dogs of all ages. It’s a great energy outlet & workout for sports dogs. It’s also recommended for older dogs that have sore joints or mobility issues. Pooches will be introduced to the equipment in a fun & safe manner. This class offers exercise for your dog’s body and mind.


Sundays @ 1:30pm (start  time  moves  to  2:30pm  on  3/29/20)

Tuesdays @ 3:00pm

Fridays @ 7:30pm

Saturdays @ 8am 

All classes 45-minutes in duration & taught by a certified trainer. 

***In order to join UP Fitness you and your pooch are required to complete a free assessment with one of our certified trainers prior to signing-up.***

Click here to view our vaccination requirements.

Click here to view what items you should bring with you to class.


30-minute private session — $65

60-minute private session — $99

Package of 6x 30-minute private sessions — $350

Package of 6x 60-minute private sessions — $530

Package of 6x 45-minute group classes — $195*

*All 6-classes must be used within 90-days of purchasing a package.