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Tricks To Impress Friends

This is a very special class taught by Lori Buerger and Evan Singer, proud parents of NOODLES The Wonder Dog!

NOODLES has won an amazing amount of awards for his clever tricks, and he wants to share his celebrity with you! NOODLES will be present at every class to demonstrate each and every trick. Bring your wants and desires. We guarantee you and your pooch will impress friends and family – and even qualify to try out for TV stardom!

In Introduction to Trick Training, students will learn basic skills and techniques (luring, targeting, free shaping, etc.) as building block for more complex behaviors.

In Advanced Tricks, students will use foundational skills and techniques to teach their pooches more difficult tricks – including using props.

Cost: $175

Please understand that classes will not run for a full hour if there are fewer than 3 dogs in the class.

Tricks and Treats

Have tons of fun together with your pooch! In this class, you and your dog will learn several new tricks that are sure to impress human and canine friends alike. A new trick will be featured each week, including Spin, Roll Over, Combat Crawl, Jump Through Hoops, Tunnel Run, and more!

Cost: $175

Policy on Missing Classes During Group Training Classes:

While we understand that things do happen, the price for group classes takes into account the trainer working with everyone during the group class. If you need to miss a class, you can schedule a 20 minute make-up class at Urban Pooch for a cost of $30/make-up session. This entire fee goes directly to the trainer for their time. Thanks for understanding!