Please note this section applies only to the following classes: Agility 2; Agility 3; Advanced Agility; Masters Agility; Intro to Nose Work; Nose Work 2; and Nose Work 3. 

Due to the fact that students in these aforementioned classes often repeat the same class many times in a row before being able to move to a higher-level, we have a booking/scheduling policy that differs from our other class offerings. Students currently enrolled in an active class session will by default have their spot reserved for them in the next round of the same class/time/day until the 5th week of the current session. At that point students must inform UPTFC if they are continuing on in the following session or not. If they are, then payment in full is due to secure their spot.* If a student is not continuing, then we will begin the process of filling their spot for the subsequent round with another student. Please note that if a training student is taking a break from a specific class/time/day after repeating for several sessions, we cannot guarantee them a spot in a future class as most all of these classes reach the maximum amount of students and the student who takes their spot will then be afforded the same reservation system of having a spot reserved for them in subsequent sessions by default. 

 So, for example, let’s say you are a current student in the Wednesday 8:30pm Masters Agility class with the following class dates: 4/17, 4/24, 5/1, 5/8, 5/15 & 5/22. When you arrive for week 5 of class (5/15), your instructor will take attendance and then ask you if you are continuing or not. They will then communicate that information to our Training Ambassador so we can begin to make the official roster for the next session. If you are continuing, payment is due that same day to officially lock in your spot in the following session.* If you are not continuing, then we will remove your default reservation for the subsequent rounds and, if there are students on the waitlist for that particular class/time/day, then we will begin contacting them to fill the now vacant spot. If you are not in attendance for week 5 of class, our training ambassador will reach out to you directly by phone as soon as possible. However, if no reply is given by the time week 6 of class (5/22) commences, then your spot in the subsequent round would be forfeit and we would begin the process of contacting potential students on the waitlist for class to fill the now open spot. 

Please remember you can pay for any service either in person at our front desk or over the phone. If our front desk is closed at the time you normally attend class, you can always call the next day to give payment with a credit card over the phone.

*If for some reason a student is unable to pay that day we will grant them a 1-week grace period in which we will continue to hold their spot. However, if no payment is received by the time of week 6 of the current round of class, then the student will forfeit their spot in the next round. If there are potential students listed on the waitlist, then we will begin contacting them to fill the spot in the upcoming class session.