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We’re all about FUN! Summer 2018 we’re presenting The Urban Pooch Champion Tricks Contest @MDB

We’re very excited to announce that Urban Pooch Training & Fitness Center and Mutt Jackson have partnered to create and present The Urban Pooch Champion Tricks Contest at Montrose Dog Beach this Summer!
We’ll be hosting Five (5) one-hour Events this Summer where your Pooch (and you, of course) can showcase their talent and present their Dog Tricks to an audience of judges and fans at The Mutt Jackson Dog Wash Stations at Montrose Dog Beach.  We will be holding events every 3 weeks.
Please read below for all the details and all the dates/times:

Champion Tricks Contest

  • Five (5) one-hour Events this Summer where your Pooch can showcase their talent!

  • No cost; 12 spots available at each event, you must sign-up prior or drop-in if any spots open. See DETAILS BELOW.

Mutt Jackson Dog Washing

  • Mutt Jackson dog washing stations make it easy and economical to wash your dog at the beach!

  • The Mutt Jackson facility combines a 500 sq. ft. structure with a 1,000 sq. ft. deck, a rain garden and a 2,000 sq. ft. fenced in area for events & FUN Stuff!  

The Urban Pooch Champion Tricks Contest — 6 Events throughout the Summer 2018!

Urban Pooch Champion Tricks Contest DETAILS

1.  Our first event will be on Sunday, June 3rd – 11 am – 12 Noon
We will have 12 spots available at each event for dogs to enter.
Each pooch will get 3 minutes to showcase their talents and WOW the judges and crowd!
Contestants will be timed.
 => You can sign up ahead of time by emailing – and locking in a spot.
 => Dogs can attend multiple dates, but new participants are given priority above those attending for additional contests.  
2. Each event will feature some new Judges, and we promise to have some delightful surprises throughout the Summer. Every Contestant will receive a special CHAMPION dog bandana.
3. Judges will choose 3 Semi-Finalists – then choose a WINNER of the Day. The Winner will receive a snazzy Trophy that will make all tails wag! Plus be featured on social media and on our Website in the Winners Circle!
4. Winners from each Event will come together at the end of the Summer on Sunday, September 16th at 2pm for an Urban Pooch Champion Trick-Off. 


 – Kick-Off & First Event  => Sunday, June 3rd – 11 am – 12pm 
– Trick Contest Event # 2 => Sunday, June 24th – 11 am – 12 pm
– Trick Contest Event # 3 => Friday, July 13th – 4pm – 5pm
– Trick Contest Event # 4 => Monday, August 6th – 4pm – 5pm
– Trick Contest Event #5  => Saturday, August 25th – 5pm – 6pm
Champion Trick-Off (#6)=> Sunday, September 16th – 2-3pm
   – Final Contest Event
   – Winners from #1-#5 compete for the Trophy and to be named
      THE #1 Tricks Champion in Chicagoland
   – Followed by a SUPER FUN Doggie Ice Cream Social 


FREE! That’s right – get that Tail A Waggin’ – if you have the talent, we want you to share it for all to see! 

If you have any questions please email us at