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Lodge and Learn


For years, our sister facility, Urban Pooch Canine Life Center has offered industry excellent, cage-free dog boarding services.Now, the Training and Fitness Center offers boarding services, too.  Plus, at UPTFC you can schedule your pooch to be worked each day by one of our trainers while your dog boards! Request your FREE assessment during which we’ll discuss your training goals.

Urban Pooch Training and Fitness Lodge and Learn program replaces the old Board and Train concept. The Lodge and Learn program is designed for pooch parents who need to board their pooches and need some extra help to get started with their pup’s training. Your pooch will be staying overnight in a clean, cage-free environment, interacting with their dog friends between each 30-minute training session. Each day during the boarding session, a certified trainer will work with your pooch teaching them to learn useful and desirable behaviors like sit, down, stay, wait, and coming when called.  Other behaviors might be how to properly greet a friendly stranger, how to walk politely on leash, or maybe just some fun tricks to grow your dog’s brain. Your pooch will be learning good behaviors in both the classroom setting and in real life settings.



  • Your pooch must pass our social test at both facilities to be able to board and do daycare at TFC
  • Must meet all medical requirements for both facilities, including being spayed/neutered

Click here to view our medical requirements.

What’s Included

  • FREE assessment to discuss the parent’s goals 

  • Three training sessions per day of boarding

  • Videos of your pooch’s training session

  • Daily progress reports

  • 1 -month Levels membership that will start immediately after you are reunited with your pooch. You will be taught how to maintain and reinforce the behaviors your dog was taught during their stay.

  • Oodles of love and attention just for your pooch!


  • 1-Week: $1,250
  • 2-Week: $2,400

How to Get Started

Please call the front desk at 773-961-8880 or email us at info@urbanpoochtraining.com to sign-up! Thank you!