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Items to Bring to Class2020-02-02T18:52:33-06:00

How to prepare for your awesome & FUN classes at Urban Pooch Training and Fitness Center:

  • Bring a variety of very yummy, small-sized treats (the size of a green pea). You may mix the treats with your dog’s meal if you’re concerned about over-feeding.

  • Consider using a treat pouch – it’s easy to forget you have treats in your pocket. We have treat pouches for sale at Urban Pooch Training & Fitness Center.

  • Bring motivational toys that don’t make noise and that won’t roll away.

  • Please, no choke or electronic collars. Also, most back-clip harnesses are not recommended. A flat collar is best, but if you need a training collar or harness, our trainers are happy to make the appropriate suggestions for you and your dog.

  • As always and everywhere, Please bring poop bags.

  • Wear your play attire to class – comfortable clothes, closed-toe, and rubber-soled shoes.

The Red Bandana Program

Red bandanas will be worn by dogs who need a little space. Perhaps they are not confident around other dogs, they may be shy of people, or maybe they have a temporary injury or are older and don’t want to be bumped. Please offer space when you see a dog wearing a red bandana.