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As leaders in dog training, you have come to expect Urban Pooch Training & Fitness Center to offer the latest and most advanced in dog training programs. Continuing to evolve with the needs of our clients, we have developed this new innovative program to replace the traditional Board & Train.

We proudly introduce The Urban Pooch Impeccable Pooch Training Academy!

Urban Pooch Impeccable Pooch Training Academy

We designed this program to be able to solve multiple challenges and/or behavior issues with your dog right in your very own home. This way we not only meet your scheduling needs, but also teach your dog in the environment in which they live. This program can give your dog the extra help they need to develop good manners and healthy habits.

While many training issues can be addressed in our variety of classes, there are some behaviors that dogs, or dog parents might have difficulty solving in traditional classroom settings.

In addition, dogs may only exhibit some of those challenging behaviors at home. The Impeccable Pooch Training Academy was designed for you! Our trainers will coach you to more effectively communicate and be able to understand your pooch on a deeper level. The work you do together will also build a stronger bond between you and your dog.

The Urban Pooch Impeccable Pooch Training Academy offers three different packages.

  • You may choose to have 5, 10, or 15 in-home lessons with your dog and our trainers.
  • Your first lesson will be 2 hours so that our trainer is able to collect a history of your dog and details about the issues on which you’d like to work.
  • The next two 1-hour appointments are completed within the first week.
  • After that, lessons are 1-hour long and must be completed within a 2-month time frame to maximize effectiveness of training.

Parents will receive written e-mail follow-ups after each lesson detailing training efforts and goals for the next session. Phone support is also offered during the two-month time frame.

During the program, you may have multiple trainers working with you – depending on you and your pooch’s specific needs.

If you’re interested in this program or any other type of training, Please Call 773.961.8880 or email to sign-up or to schedule a FREE CONSULT, where you and your pooch can come into our facility to meet and speak to one of our Trainers!


NOTE: we have two pricing levels – Standard & Assertive, to be used if your dog is having challenges with aggression or “bossy” tendencies. You can discuss in further details with our Training Ambassador and/or Trainers.

In order to participate in this program, you must schedule and have an initial FREE CONSULT at Urban Pooch Training & Fitness Center, with one of our Senior Trainers. You can call 773-961-8880 to schedule.

5-Session Impeccable Pooch Training Academy

– Standard = $850.00

– Assertive = $1,275.00


10-Session Impeccable Pooch Training Academy

– Standard = $1,500.00

– Assertive = $2,250.00


15-Session Impeccable Pooch Training Academy

– Standard = $2,200.00

– Assertive = $3,300.00