Spend the Night at UPTFC

Your dog will have a great time spending the night at Urban Pooch Training & Fitness Center. Comfy beds and blankets provided – No cages ever. To ensure everyone has a fun and safe time, our Pooch Pack Counselors sleep on beds with the dogs surrounding them. Most times, there are at least 3-4 pooches that cuddle up to our folks in their beds. Our staff LOVES pooches, so the more the merrier for cuddling!

Why Choose Us?

  • Advanced air purification system provides the healthiest indoor environment available in Chicago
  • All our floors are sealed with a triple antimicrobial sealant – ensuring the cleanest and safest play area
  • Our staff has been intensively trained by one of the top canine care experts in the country


Each dog must complete a 2-hour Socialization at our 5400 N. Damen facility. At the beginning of the Socialization, you and your dog will meet with a Daycare Counselor who will show you our facility and explain our procedures. After a brief interview with you and your dog, our Daycare Counselor will take your dog into the daycare room and observe how they interact with the rest of the pack.

You can stay and watch your dog on our daycare cameras or leave and return at the end of the 2-hour appointment. At the end, our Daycare Counselor will give you a report card explaining how your dog behaved in the daycare room. If your dog fits well in the pack they are welcome to come back anytime during daycare hours. Most dogs pass Socialization with flying colors and make many new human and dog-friends in the process!

NOTE: after your Socialization Test is completed, your pooch will be required to visit our facility at least two additional times for daycare prior to boarding. We do this to ensure they are acclimated and familiar with our environment.

Appointments for Socializations are available by appointment only. Please schedule a Socialization appointment by calling 773.961.8880 or emailing us at

Requirements to Board

  1. Dog must be at least 4-months old and in good health
  2. Spayed or Neutered by 6-months of age
  3. Have a City of Chicago Dog License (Municipal Code 7-12-140)
  4. Have a nylon collar with ID securely attached
  5. If your dog was recently adopted, they need to have been in your home for 2-weeks before attending day care
  6. Pass an initial Daycare Socialization Test
  7. After passing a Socialization Test, your pooch will be required to visit our facility at least two additional times for daycare prior to boarding
  8. Click here to view our vaccination requirements

Health Policy

Overall health:  

Pooches attending daycare/boarding at Urban Pooch must[ be in good health. Pooches who have any challenges or difficulties with mobility will not be allowed into daycare/boarding due to the overall well being of the pooch. Mobility problems are generally caused by a root problem such as dysplasia, back problems, arthritis, or other internal issues like tumors/growths.

Mobility challenges:

  • Difficulty standing up/getting up without assistance.
  • Difficulty walking and keeping balance in a pack setting


Urban Pooch is an open pack setting and doesn’t have isolation areas to accommodate any pooches that can’t be in general population due to health concerns. All pooches who attend daycare & boarding must be free of any and all wounds. This policy umbrellas all and any open wounds for safety purposes. If a pooch must wear any type or wraps/shirts/cones for any type of medical concerns, Urban Pooch will not allow the pooch in for daycare/boarding.

  • Cuts, Scratches, Fresh abrasions, Lacerations or any open wound
  • Hot Spots
  • Removed fatty lumps/growths/pimples/warts
  • Stitches/sutures or Staples on the body or inside the mouth post dental
  • Any openings that were glued shut

All wounds must be completely healed, closed, and scabbed over to be allowed into daycare/boarding.

Communicable disease:

All pooches must be in good health and free of any communicable disease. If you notice any of the following symptoms, DO NOT bring your pooch in for daycare/boarding.

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Gaging / Coughing
  • Sneezing


Non-Holiday Boarding Rate: $55/night* with Reservation**

Holiday Boarding Rate: $60/night* with Reservation**

*Hourly daycare rates ($5/hour) will begin to accrue starting at 11am on the day of pick-up.  If you have a daycare package at our facility, we will use that. If you do not have a package, you will need to pay upon pickup for said daycare hours.

**If space/circumstances allow, dogs without prior reservations can be admitted for an overnight stay with an extra $12 walk-in fee added to the regular price of the first night of boarding.

Food & Medication

All food must be pre-bagged individually by meal for the duration of your stay PLUS labeled with your dogs name and breed.  There will be a $7/day charge if it is not pre bagged.

House food is available upon request for the price of $2/cup.

All medication needs to be properly labeled and in hermetically-appropriate containers. Please make sure at drop off to go over the proper way to administer the medicine to your pooch.

Please Note:

Socializing at Urban Pooch Training & Fitness Center on Damen Avenue does not admit your dog to daycare or boarding at Urban Pooch Canine Life Center on Ravenswood.

In order to board your dog at our Ravenswood facility, please call 773.942.6445 or email them at to schedule a Socialization at that facility. Currently, Urban Pooch Canine Life Center is not accepting new day care clients, only boarding clients. Thank you!